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List of items useful for the Wiki:

  • Find links and replace with links instead
  • Replace Google+ links with MeWe links if possible (if not, there is a {{dead link}} template you can use to indicate the links are currently invalid)
  • Clean up any outdated info
  • There are a few orphaned pages and files, determine if these can be utilized and use if so.
  • Modifications category is quite clogged. May be better to split out into categories.
  • Split "modifications" with "aftermarket" -- maybe even break down by who made it (Walter Hsiao, Heath Harper, JP1, Peter StoneHam, etc.) for people with giant contributions

Future thoughts?

  • Thingiverse compilations? is your friend.
  • Install extensions that may be useful (open to suggestions!)
  • Update MediaWiki version once it's determined everything is working smoothly. Do this off-site and document steps so downtime is minimal
  • If a dark theme looks good, allow that option, but don't default to it.

All for now! Shep (talk) 02:05, 2 December 2019 (UTC)